20th November Market in Oaxaca

The 20th November is a famous market in the city of Oaxaca. It is known for having foods such as, meats, produce, and bread. In the 20th November Market one can purchase their food and have it cooked right then and there. This is one of the most famous markets in Oaxaca. There are other famous markets like the Benito Juarez Market, an outside market, just one block away from the 20th November Market, but it does not compare to the 20th of November. This market began its construction in 1862 during the presidency of Benito Juarez. This is also the same year the Battle of Puebla took place. The market finalized construction in 1882. The name of the market comes from the start date of the Mexican Revolution in 1910. Though the market was constructed before the Mexican Revolution, it is not clear what the name was before it became the 20th of November. Regardless, it is safe to say that the name was given in honor Revolution Day in Mexico.

When one walks into the 20th of November Market, the first thing one would notice are the different types of smells and food that come from the market. Since everything is cooked inside the market, it is hard to avoid the aroma and the atmosphere. The market has some shops selling chocolate or bread, but many are small restaurants with counters and shared tables where you can stop for a quick bite. If one is a tourist, the owners of the small restaurants or shops would be quick to figure it out and they would badger one to eat at their restaurant or buy their goods. It is hard to find many tourists in this market though. Most of the people who visit the 20th of November are the locals of Oaxaca. Therefore, going to this market is ideal when trying to get a feel for a traditional Mexican vibe.

The 20th November Market has made itself part of the Oaxaca culture and tradition. Though there are many other markets in the republic of Mexico, there are only a few that are similar to this one, but many of the locals from Oaxaca prefer the 20th of November. The atmosphere in the market is absolutely phenomenal. No other market in Mexico would have the convenience that this market has. The 20th of November is just one block away from the “Zocalo” of Oaxaca. Hence, anyone that is walking the “Zocalo” in Oaxaca, and is hungry for Mexican food can easily stop by the 20th November Market. This market is well known in the city of Oaxaca and for that sole reason the market is iconic to the city and its people.